A SIMPLE Buddhism Guide

a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating beef, fish, fowl, or, in some instances, any food produced from pets or animals, as eggs or cheese, but subsists on fruit and vegetables , fruits, nut products, grain, etc. Plants constitute the base of each food chain of the food web (also called the food cycle). Plants use available sunlight to convert normal water from the earth and carbon dioxide from mid-air into glucose, which gives them the power they have to live. Unlike crops, animals can't synthesize their own food. They make it through by eating crops or other pets or animals.
Another rising pattern in the UK's food culture is related to how our food is produced. Many people are rejecting GM (genetically revised) food and intense farming procedures. They want their food to be organically farmed. Just what does ‘organic' mean? Organic food is produced in a more 'natural' way. Organic farmers use no, or very few, chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. Organic and natural farming isn't just concerned with place crops, animals can even be farmed organically. Organic meats is produced without the utilization of drugs and antibiotics. Organically farmed animals also have better living conditions, for example more space and even more nutritious food.vegetarian diets nutritional considerations for athletes
DHA is perhaps the most important long chain omega-3 fatty acid. You can make a little from ALA, which is situated in vegetable foods and grass-fed beef, but it's unclear how reliable the ALA-DHA transformation rate is at humans Since vegans and vegetarians tend to be deficient in DHA , I think the conversion is quite poor. Very good news is you do not have to slaughter and ingest fish flesh to get DHA. You can get it from the same source marine animals obtain it: algae.
Less food poisoning. Food poisoning gets millions of people every year - and many of them from meat, which really is a good breeding ground for parasites, particularly if not stored, well prepared or cooked properly exactly right. Trim out meat and you simply lower your risk of food poisoning (particularly if you also trim out eggs and dairy products, but that's optional).
Animals on manufacturer farms are cared for like meat, milk , and egg machines. Chickens have their delicate beaks seared off with a hot blade, and male cattle and pigs are castrated with no painkillers. Farmed chickens, turkeys , and pigs spend their brief lives in dark and crowded warehouses, most of them so cramped that they can not even change or spread an individual wing. They are simply mired in their own misuse, and the stench of ammonia fills mid-air.